The New Chairman – part 18

Sitting on Ken’s yacht, Tanya, Dougie, myself and others, enjoying life, Ken asked me,  “How did you know?”

“About what?”  I played, slowly sipping my wine.


“Everyone who ever had to deal with him knows he is an egotistical moron who can never accept blame, never admit ignorance, never be wrong.   He was a perfect replacement for Dic Tater.”

“I feel a little guilty…” Dougie began, sipping his beer, “I had liked the company…”

“We all did…”  was chimed.

It had been a great place to be.  Everything was new and everyone was idealistic and committed, then;

“Until the Boss from Hell made our jobs torture…”  Tanya tossed.

It was hard to avoid the topic.   It wasn’t simply working for the BfH, it was who we had become to survive. We had become dishonest, lazy, unworkers.   We  would have been fired instantly, probably gone to jail if any decent Boss walked in. That is why I had lobbied for Mort Panludd.

I wanted a self focused idiot like Pudd, it was the only way we could escape without blemish.


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