The New Chairman – part 17

Ken’s contract was up first, and he left.  I spent my last week doing nothing.   I wandered around the building, remembering my first day, how happy and excited I was.   I remembered the people, the events, the inspiration.

For one week I really did nothing and was not hiding the fact.

Then! It was my last day.

I came in on time, did nothing.   Took my lunch break, returned, did nothing, then walked out of the office.

As I reached my flat, , I stripped off my work clothes, throwing them into the trash.

From the entrance of Pud, I had worn one of four different ugly, poorly fitting suits I hated along with clumsy flat shoes.  Knowing Pud was a sexual predator, I didn’t want to come near his radar.

After I trashed my work wardrobe, i went into a shower, where I scrubbed my skin, used disinfectant.

Having sold my house, my furniture, moving to a cheap furnished flat, I didn’t have much packing.


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Written by jaylar