The New Chairman – part 11

Every week there were Pontification sessions, called Board meetings.

We let Pud do all the talking.  He knew nothing.  I had never met someone so ignorant of the Company, of what we did, of the contracts we had.

I know it sounds incredible  that anyone could go through life so totally unaware of how things worked, what parts did what,  how not to treat people,  as this guy.

The hardest part of hearing his ‘lectures’  was keeping a straight face.   Some of the things he said were ridiculous.  No one tried to correct him, save Bob, one of the more alert Directors.

It was at the first meeting, and Pud was misstating the name of an operating system. Bob immediately intervened, explained.

Pud attacked Bob for interrupting and misquoting him.  He changed his statement, denying what he’d said two minutes ago.   Then Bob  was discharged for insubordination.

I couldn’t understand why Bob had bothered.   The Company was slipping  down  the toilet,  why get a plunger, let it go.


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Written by jaylar