The Definition of Humility

I’m hoping to share something helpful – truly helpful – via Virily and make all of admin’s efforts pay off for both them and all of us!

So, in the same spirit of this right here, I share with you another piece of hard-won wisdom: Humility is not what people often “think” it is.

“Humility” is not this gawd-awful, hang-dawg, “Aww gee shucks I aint no dang good” approach to life. That’s all just…hangdawg.

Humility is a two-fold thing. It is (a) knowing your strength, so you know when you can be of help and (b), knowing your weaknesses, so you know when you need to ask for help.

Fear of any given situation is not what makes us cowards against the challenge at hand. It is the act of quitting something which became a struggle to do all alone.

Therefore, knowing when to ask for help or, even better, being the person someone else turns to, is the best chance a body has of achieving any challenging climb, dirty fight or, scary sales presentation.

It is humility which allows you to open up to others and teamwork some project into the ground.

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