The debt burden on the US reached the highest level of history

Washington :-The debt burden on the US reached the highest level of history, Tax rebates and increase in expenses are the big reason for this debt from the Trump administration. According to the government figures, the world’s biggest economy United state is under heavy burden of the debt. The debt amount of US debt reached to twenty trillion dollars, which is the highest level of history. In just the last two years, US debt has increased two trillion dollars.

In Obama’s era, The US debt volume was $ 9.3 trillion. According to experts, government debt deficit will increase interest rate and burden on the American people. Tax rebates and expenses are being attributed to increase in debt from the Trump Government.

Remember, the US President Donald Trump has made the worst form of government-run history in the United States in shape of Government Shut down and the US economy lost a loss of $ 11 billion.

Due to shutdown, 8 lakh employees lost salaries in the first month of the year, due to which people had to sell his own things. A report from Congress Budget Office was said, that after the rehabilitation of government affairs, $ 3 billion or GDP 0.02 percent will be recovered, If the shutdown continued, the economy would have suffered more serious from it.


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