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The city with the most wealthy people in the world

     The latest researches done by Wealth-X have shown that Hong Kong is the final destination for the wealthiest people in the world. New York is not considered as the city with the most wealthy people in the world anymore. The top place belongs to Hong Kong with as much as 10.000 wealthy people. Untill 2011 Ney York was the leading city, which nowadays is placed as second on the same list, with 9.000 such people. 

     The fast progress of the Chinese economy made this country the host of the wealtiest people in the world, especially in the last few decades. One of the wealtiest people who live there is Lee Kashing whose kingdom controls the ports, telecommunicational networks and the energy complanies all around the world. 

     Among the wealthiest people are Jack Ma and Pony Ma, the founders of “Alibaba” and “Tencent”. None of the cities of the interior of the country is to be found on the list. However, every seventh citizen of Hong Kong is a millionaire. 

   The other cities with the most wealthy people are Tokyo, Los Angeles, Paris, London, Chicago, San Francisco, Washington and Osaka.


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