The 3 Most Common Items in Your Local Pawn Shop


Far and away the most common item to be bought, sold, or pawned in your local or online pawn shop is jewelry. Sometimes the engagement or the wedding is called-off and the rings that used to mean so much are downgraded to simple dollar signs. Other times, people inherit or are given a box of grandma’s old jewelry and the local pawn shop is the place to take it to convert it into cash without hassle. Conversely, people that want to be engaged that either lack credit, or simply can’t afford to pay jewelry store prices can find great deals at the pawn shop. Broken, or otherwise low-demand gold jewelry pieces can also be taken to most pawn shops and sold for the value of the precious metal it contains.


The spectrum of available electronics at the pawn shop is wide. The pawn shop is a great place to go to upgrade your home entertainment system on a budget. Often, people that need quick cash will either pawn or sell outright their stereos, speakers, and televisions to the pawn shop, which in-turn will offer those items back up for sale to the general public. Speakers are one of the easiest ways to upgrade your home stereo system and pawn shops usually have plenty. Why live with tinny-sounding base and beat-up faux wood cabinets when you could be enjoying the deep rich sounds of high-quality audio at half the price? Don’t forget about the most popular electronics that everyone must have now-a-days, a cell phone or tablet. Online pawn shops as well as the shop around the corner usually have a decent assortment that will be able to be used with the most popular carriers.

Sporting Goods

Are you the once or twice per year golfer? Are you the sort of person that decided the clubs in the garage have been taking-up space for far too long and it’s time they go? Maybe you’re the sort of person who would love to buy those clubs. Your local or online pawn shop is the place to go whether you’re in the market to buy or thinking about selling. Sporting equipment for children can be expensive and they outgrow items quickly. The pawn shop is the place to go for hockey sticks, baseball gloves, cleats, or even soccer goals. Sports help people stay in-shape and most pawn shops are well-stocked with the exercise equipment to keep you healthy.


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