The 1899 Business Model – 5

Companies which  retain the 1899 paradigm have gangs of unworkers.

An unworker is a person who appears to be busy but is doing actions detrimental to the business. If an unworker sat like a zombie for eight hours, the business would run better.

An unworker is not a simple non-worker, who might  arrive on time and sleep  or spend their days in conversation, and do only the bare minimum of labour.   As long as what they do is correct, they are far better than the active unworker who deliberately sabotages a business.

A nonworker will leave a document on the desk, an unworker will deliberately misfile it.  A nonworker might not answer a phone, an unworker will answer in such a way the customer will never call back.

Nonworkers arise when they become  aware of the powerlessness of their immediate Boss, and take advantage.

As the Manager, supervisor, whatever term is given to the person ‘above’ the worker, can not fire, can do no more than run his or her mouth, what is the danger?

If to fire means that ‘manager’ will have to go and grovel before  an obnoxious self important  Board, why should the Manager sacrifice his or her self-respect?


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