The 1899 Business Model – 2

The Board  of Directors, which pretends to run a business,  is made up of disinterested posturers who only care about prestige and money.

They know little, if anything, about the work, the workers, the conditions, etc.

The Manager is a stick figure with a big salary and no power.

Those beneath him might think he has authority. In reality, no one has any power save The Board.

The Managers and Supervisors get more money to, as time will reveal, do absolutely nothing at all whatsoever except act and dress the part.

When the workers discern that their immediate Boss can only shout at them but can not fire them,  they begin to unwork.   Why try to impress their supervisor who can’t promote them?

The most their Boss might be able to do to them is put them on uncomfortable shifts, deny them an off day, but nothing more.  When there is the standard 9 to 5 and closed on weekends,   the workers know that they can do as little as possible to get by.

They know that their ‘Boss’ can’t fire them or assign them to other shifts.

The Boss knows he has no authority or power so is not going to humiliate himself before a Board of obnoxious snobs complaining about a worker.

So, when it comes to business… who cares?


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