Tales of a Troubleshooter – Where’s Milo?

Mia/Milo is the name of that employee who is ‘missing in action.’   No one  knows where they are, and every time one needs them a search party has to be sent out.

This is not someone working on something, who comes in, covered with grime, or one responding to an emergency, this is someone who is never at their station, and who can’t be found.

I have located Mia watching television in a room she was sent to tidy. I have found Milo deep in discussion in the bar when documents need to be served.

I have seen Mia on her phone in the back, and Milo sleeping in a corner.

In many cases the supervisor or boss is not alert and when Milo or Mia is found and lies about where they were or what they were doing, it is accepted; maybe a short rebuke is given.

It is only when one actually focuses on these people,  actually has a pair of eyes pinned to them that the fact are getting paid for not working is uncovered.

These ‘missing’ employees need to be discharged.    And only when one appreciates why they can not be found, will they be sent home.


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