Tales of a Troubleshooter – Unhelpful Employees

Ezra/Ellen is the name I use for that unhelpful somewhat aggressive employee who handles customers, clients, guests in a belligerent manner.

Insteadof the soft speech and advisory, Ezra will shout, “Ya can’t park there!”  as if he has authority.

The person who has come to your business to spend money is insulted by  a member of staff, a low level member of staff, barking at him.

Some possible customers/clients/guests will leave, that means you have earned nothing because of the behaviour of Ezra.   Others will ignore Ezra/Ellen and that will often provoke a loud argument.

The result of this is, of course, loss of business and a decline in the quality of your business.

The possible customer/client/guest will regale others with;

“Imagine,  I came to Name of Business and the guy who manages the lot shouted at me like I was trespassing on his property..” (or say things not suitable for print about your business).

This is, as with the Odette and Marta responses, a reflection of their  sense of powerlessness, and how they need to exert the feeling of power.

The  first complaint should be the last, and such person dispensed, quickly, and apologies made to the customer/client/guest, so as not to lose that patronage, and that of everyone in ear shot.


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