Tales of a Troubleshooter – Sweep Out the Old

In some businesses the manager, being corrupt or a Boss from Hell, incompetent or lazy, has infected all or almost all of the employees.

In short, the business is rotten from the top down. In  these cases, everyone has to be discharged because everyone has developed bad traits.

The best method is to appoint a special manager who comes in to take charge and starts to make the current staff redundant, bringing in new employees on a slow and measured basis.

This procedure is effected where the business or section can not just be shut.

The Special Manager, would begins with the lowest level employees first. This is because in many businesses, those at the bottom are ignored by the upper staff.

This gives them great power to steal, slack off, etc.

Usually, the wise Special Manager will appoint a secret troubleshooter who will get a proper view of the business from the ground up, and can make proper recommendations.

Very often a lot of the confusion, corruption, wastage, bad policy is at the bottom of the business. Unknown to those in the middle, much less the top.

Companies have paid for deliveries which never happened for years. They have paid for services which were never rendered.

When it is the manager who has corrupted the business, many of the employees can be fired for cause. They have been infected by the dishonest boss or the one from Hell.


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