Tales of a Troubleshooter – Look for Loud Mouth

When  I enter a business, regardless of its nature, I note the Loud Mouth. This is the person who always speaks much louder than necessary.  My knee jerk reaction is; Why is that person seeking attention?  What are they saying?  And about whom?

For example;

“She always leave her bag on the table,”  Loud Mouth announces. Subsequently the bag is stolen.

Loud Mouth says, “See!  I knew this would happen!”

I immediately assume Loud Mouth took the bag and will search his/her area or locker or changing room.

This is because that announcement was done to divert attention from Loud Mouth.

It is counter intuitive, yes, but it is also the best defence.

“Me steal the bag?  I was the one who saw the danger and made the alert!”

It is setting the fire and pulling the alarm.

“I’m the one who pulled the alarm!”

Sounds like a defence because it is.

Many employees use this ‘defence’ because it ‘automatically’ exonerates them.

Hence,  if there are problems in your business look for Loud Mouth.


What do you think?


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