Tales of a Trouble Shooter – Tip 6; 4 Views

When you ‘troubleshoot’ a business as I call it, you have to view it from  four different angles.  Management, the employees, the customers, and from a distance.

If it is a hotel/restaurant how does the guest feel as s/he enters?  Is the Staff more interested in the person on the phone than the one in front of them?

Is the entrance area welcoming and easy to navigate or does one stand around looking for help?

When it is an office, the first two apply, of course, as does the third; the quality of the presentation.  How does the person who enters feel?  Do they feel welcome or an annoyance?

From the managers point of view; does he have the power, the ability to make changes?  How much authority does he have?   Can he jump in to sort out an issue, or does he have to refer it?

How do the employees feel? Enslaved or Empowered?

Would an outsider choose this business?   Does it offer more than a competitor?  Why should one come here instead of there?


What do you think?

Written by jaylar