Tales of a Trouble Shooter – Tip 5 (c)

Every Xmas the supermarket had a raffle in which shoppers could win various items.

It was noticed that after Xmas many of the most prized customers would be missing for a time. When they returned,  they were not as active as they had been.

Investigating, I  discerned that many of these once loyal customers were now doing part of their shopping at a competitor.

The fact was,  these once faithful customers had not won anything in the raffles.

Having the list of winner checked,  few names of winners were recognisable to the staff.

Apparently, most winners were people who had stopped in on their way to elsewhere to do  last minute shopping.   Winning the raffle, they  only returned to collect their prizes.    They did  not shop at this supermarket.

The strategy was to ensure real customers won.

The receipts of every customer who had spent over X dollars was put in one of the prize boxes.  Going through the names, those which were of known customers were kept, strangers were discarded.

When the draws happened, only loyal customer’s won.

Although one can call the raffle ‘fixed’   the point of the raffle was to reward loyal customers, not to have a free for all.

There was no drop off of patronage after Xmas.


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Written by jaylar