Tales of a Trouble Shooter – Tip 5 (B)

There were three supermarkets in walking distance.  One went up for sale and was bought by  a family.  The family, which lived in the district and had patronised all three of the supermarkets over  the years, came in with lots of ideas.

One of the wisest was to have a large number  of baggers who carried the groceries of the patrons to the cars.

Unlike other supermarkets, where a  shopper might have to ask for assistance, the baggers, automatically carried the groceries to the cars.  They accepted tips if such were given, and made no response if none were offered.

Older shoppers or those disabled, immediately got a bagger as they entered to help them shop.   The baggers eventually had ‘their’ customers, learning what they wanted, so that they could virtually shop for them.

The hiring of extra baggers, considering the salaries were minimum wage, was not painful. Further, the increase of customers more than off set the expense so that the baggers had a quick move from starting wage to a 50% raise.

By giving this customer service they competed successfully against two other supermarkets.


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