Tales of a Trouble Shooter – Start at the Top

When  a business is not functioning properly, I usually blame the  Owner/Manager.   Yes, those are the ones which pay my fee, but they are often the ones who are at fault.

They are the ones who hire too many people, or the wrong people.  They are the ones who either put power in the hands of one who should not have it, or give no power to the person who is supposed to have the authority.

They are the ones who do not properly manage the business.  The ones who are absent, or hiding in an office.

They are the ones who are wilfully blind, or easily diverted.   The ones who are supposed to focus on the business.

These are ones who should know what is going on in every corner, from the bottom to the top.   The ones who should know when an employee  arrives, leaves, where that employee is at all times.   The ones who should, when an employee is missing, be aware of it.

There are guests at hotels, clients in offices, customers at a supermarket who know more about the employees than their boss.

Thisis because hat guest, that client, that customer is ‘on the floor’  experiencing what is really happening.   The Boss / Manager is not.


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