Take the Right Protective Measures by Installing Flange Guards

In a lot of situations, you need to protect your components from the leakage of harmful substances, high-temperature splashes, fluids present in the pipeline valves and flange joints. For this kind of protection, flange guards (which are also recognized by spray shields) are used. Typically manufactured by single or multilayered clear cloth for better visibility and in some cases colored cloth with a leak indication portion that changes its color when in presence of acid or alkaline in the shield. These easy to install components add a great deal of safety and can also be easily removed once the work is done. If there is n leakage happening, flange guards have a long life which makes them a cost-effective solution for protecting your factories environment and your workers from any kinds of leakages.

There are number of flange manufactures in India, choosing the right one shouldn’t be a problem. All you have to do is look at the quality of the product a company is offering, the price at which it is offering and the after-sales support of the company and you will be sorted.  Flanges are vitally important to the infrastructure of your production set up and are used especially as a preventive measure to prevent leakage from joints and save you and your workers from the catastrophic effects of such an event. The safety has to be taken very seriously as one small error can result in death or disability if things go haywire. Considering the cost of that, flanges seem like a very cheap solution to prevent such an event in the first place.

Here’s a list of reasons to have flange guards installed in your production units.

Flanges Prevent Oil Sprays: One of the most primary reasons for installing flange guards is to it prevent oil leakage which can be extremely dangerous in some situations. Flange guards are the cheapest preventive solution for it.

Give Leakage Indication: Sometimes the leakage is so small that it goes unnoticed but that doesn’t mean it is harmless. It can corrode your machine components, create a slippery area by forming into a puddle and can cause severe accidents and damage to both your machines and your workers. Having a flange guard gives you the advantage to closely monitor any such activity in your plant and rectify the problem before it gets bigger. This is achieved by flange guards with PH indicators that change color when in contact with something acidic or basic. You can also judge by the color the strength of the leakage and how harmful it is by measuring the color of your flange guard with a PH color chart for acids and bases.

Prevent Mist Formation: Mist formation is very harmful for the people who are working in your factory environment. Many times this goes unnoticed until it becomes a very big problem. Mist formation is highly dangerous as it can cause huge fires and acid/basic burns to your employees and also result in permanent blindness. Flange guards give you protection against this.

Having flange guards is essential to the safety of your production unit and your staff. If you already do not have them or if you want to replace them, don’t wait any longer and do it now.


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