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What Does it Take to Be a Professional Trader?

What Does it Take to Be a Professional Trader?

Beginners are always confused on the notion that to be a trader is easy. Just to get a magic strategy and then with little money like $1000 he can make millions of dollars. This is a gambling mentality. To be a professional trader you need three basic things:

  • First thing is to have adequate capital to trade with, [the more the better]…
  • Second thing is to have skills and knowledge on how to trade…
  • Third thing is to be patient for years until you master the business…

I made a comparison and if I ask you how long does it take a student in medicine to become a doctor? You will tell me many years and a big loan to spend on education. Ok, so why do you think that to be a professional trader is just magic and luck, In order to reach your goal you should learn and have skills and save for a capital to trade with. It is a continuous process until you become profitable and make money consistently. At that time you will reach your goal as a professional trader. If you have any question just ask, I will reply in due time..

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