Taco Bell Belluminati Commercial Explained

While watching videos on YouTube, I watched four different YouTubers videos, each explaining the Taco Bell Belluminati Commercial. I actually watched the actual commercial last year by accident during the Superbowl, and I thought it was funny and in-your-face Illuminati commercial. It was just shocking to see them shoving it in-your-face because they know that the Illuminati isn’t a secret anymore more.

#1 My Photo at a local mall

When I took this photograph for fun, I didn't realize what I was actually taking pictures of. I was focusing on the mannequins and their pose as my models. But, later, when I was checking out this photograph, I noticed the two mannequins were both inside the triangular pyramid, and there is a light glowing or illuminating from behind the pyramid. I think the clothes are nice, especially for summer and spring. But why are the mannequins were red pumps? I think it is symbolism, most likely satanic, but I am not sure.

I think I took this photograph at South Coast Plaza, but it wasn't recent, probably in 2013.

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In this video, the Christian YouTuber explains the Taco Bell Belluminati commercial is filled with Zionism, Masonic, Satanic, Reptilian, and other dark symbolism.

He displays Illuminati sex parties scenes from the commercial.

The commercial also references the masonic dollar bill with the Illuminati pyramid to promote Taco Bell food.

Subliminal messages for MK-Ultra mind control on the public watching TV

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#3 BELLUMINATI New Commercial Breakdown

It is interesting to check out different YouTubers videos about the same subject because each person will bring out different information.

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#4 Taco Belluminati Store Tour, Taco Bell Design & Freemason Symbols – Employee Knows Symbols!

This YouTuber explains the new symbolism on the Taco Bell restaurant. He give a tour of the fast food restaurant as well as he interviews a young male employee.

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#5 Belluminati | The death of Glen Bell, Taco Bell founder, at age 86 & the Number 86 +Gematria

This YouTuber's explanation sounds like Glen Bell's death was a blood sacrifice. Glen Bell's full name adds up to 86, which means "to get rid off," and he was at the age of 86.

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Written by Fifi Leigh

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