Suffering From Hypertension? You Need Health Insurance

High blood pressure or hypertension is ranked as the third most risky factor for diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular ailments. If figures are to be believed, hypertension cases in India are catching up rapidly with a projected number of 107.3 million expected to be suffering from the condition by 2025.

Hypertension can arise due to several reasons and stress tops the list among them. Modern lifestyle and events from your personal or professional life can give rise to stress which leads to high blood pressure, a common affliction among the urban population.

Although you cannot control contracting the disease amidst a sedentary lifestyle and work pressure, you can always look to stay protected against hefty medical expenses that could end up drying all your savings by buying a health insurance policy for yourself.

Hypertension can prove fatal

The normal blood pressure of a human body is 120 over 80 mm of mercury. However, it can rise higher than 130 over 80 mm mercury as a sign of hypertension. Sometimes, it can also arise due to underlying medical conditions like kidney or heart diseases.

Hypertension is linked to several severe health conditions like heart attack, brain haemorrhage, arteriosclerosis, kidney problems, etc. Even a slightly high blood pressure can lead to a stroke as it weakens the small vessels in your brain and affects the blood supply to different parts of the body that can prove fatal.

Treatment of such diseases can cost you a fortune and with rising medical inflation, it is bound to strain your finances. In order to avail quality treatment in top hospitals, you may need to shell out lakhs of rupees as doctor’s fees, medicines, diagnostic and hospitalization charges.

Be protected with health insurance

A comprehensive health insurance plan can help you avail the best of medical facilities without worrying about the cost of treatment. It helps you stay protected against hefty medical expenses at a time where stress has become a part of life.

A timely purchase of a health insurance plan will safeguard your savings from getting drained along with ensuring the best of healthcare facilities and timely preventive care. A health insurance policy is necessary for you and your family as a calamity may strike anytime and dry all your savings in no time. You can contemplate health insurance plans for family, known as family floater plans, to provide coverage to all members of your family.

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Tax benefits

Apart from coverage against medical emergencies, you are also entitled to tax benefits under section 80D by paying health insurance premiums. With various health insurance plans available in the market, you can purchase an individual health cover for yourself or family floater plans to cover your entire family under a single policy.

So, at a time where stress is a part of life and the cost of healthcare services are sky-rocketing, buying a health insurance policy for you and your family is a financially prudent decision. Since pre-existing illnesses like hypertension may come with a waiting period of 2-4 years, it is advisable to get your health coverage plan at the earliest to claim the benefit(s) when needed.


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Written by Sidharth Kapoor

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