Stock Trade Alerts

Stock Trade Alerts are strategies designed by stock companies which help them to predict the increase or decrease in value of stocks during the trading session depending on its respective earning announcement. There are also holding period for stocks.

A one day hold alert is valid for just one day and this is beneficial for preventing your funding from getting stuck for a long period of time. It will hold the stock for just one day and alerts for the same will be shown to you.

These stock trade alerts are of great advantage and they help you increase your money while you are involved in the trading business. These stock trade alerts definitely help in raising more money while trading. Over the past years the stock trade alert strategy has been of great help to everyone and has been proven to be quite consistent and helpful. It has been able to help in generating approximately around more than 249% of the returns in the past few years.

A very important thing to take note of is that in the one day hold strategy, specific volatility trading can be seen and observed. Siting an example it is seen that if a particular trade generates a return of about 10%, then it is possible that it could have cost you 10%. There is an option as seven day hold alerts as well if one wants or expects less volatile results.

There are also various fundamental components which are present on the one day hold alert strategy which one should necessarily be aware of. There are:

  • Stock Symbol indicates the particular company which you want to go either long or short on
  • Trade Open Date refers to the particular time and day when you should start the trade
  • Trade Close Date refers to the particular time and day when you should leave the trade
  • Trade Action Buy refers that you should buy the stock which go on for a long time
  • Trade Action Sell Short refers that you should go in for a short position in stock.
  • Predicted Volatility indicates the predicted volatility while the one day holding time period of the stock. This lets us know the exact movement which needs to be factored into the trading strategy.

Below listed are a few questions which you might have related to stock trade alerts.

1. How to start off with stock trade alert for the one day hold strategy?

For completely understanding this strategy you should first start off with paper trading this strategy for a full quarter so as to be clear on how it actually works and functions. Also, when you start advancing towards live trading you should invest smaller amounts of money first and then see how it goes before making huge investments. Do not put all your money on a specific stock. This will help prevent losses and risks as well. Investing in various stocks will help reduce risk and chances of loss. You should carry out proper research before you take any step. You should be sure that the strategy which you are thinking to apply is well aligned with your goals which you want to meet and has sufficient tolerance towards risk factors as well.

2. How exactly is the one day hold strategy analysis conducted?

The proprietary algorithm is used for analyzing over forty parameters which are related to the earnings of the company. After the analyzing is done, the parameters are manually separated which helps in paving out a particular pattern through which the moving of stocks in specific directions is tracked and predicted. These are indicated by the announcements of the previous earnings which were made. SO, basically all the predictions pass through two filtration process which involves technology as well as the use of human brain.

3. What is the best time to buy an original position?

The best time to buy any original position is at 3:59 EST. This has been working out well for over the past thirty quarters and is sure to serve you benefits as well. This time is highly recommended but still if you are lucky enough to find the positions at a relatively lower price or a price suitable to you, then you should surely opt for it.


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