School World Order for Transhumanism

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

School New World is about how the Zionists used mind control tactics to control kids, teenagers, and college students into preparing them for the New World Order.  It is about conditioning young people into a digital world. They are using this Cornyflu Plandemic and New Normal to make money on AI research. Bill and Melinda Gates are also involved. They are using this research project on young people to collect data for their AI research. They want to reimagine and disrupt education.

Elon Musk is suddenly endorsing AI, when he used to expose it before. It is obvious he is controlled to support it, or maybe they paid him a lot of money to promote it.

The face mask is preparing people to wear a “face shield.” They are trying to turn humans into transhumanism.

Placing microchip into people’s brains to better control them as AI slaves.


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