Saving Energy is Saving Money

I am not sure why people always talk about saving energy in or near the Winter months, shouldnt we save energy year round? To me its saving money so I try to do this all year.

I would like to share a few tips, you may know some of them but maybe some of them will be new to you and can help you save money this winter.

Some people in the USA have heating and air units known as central heat and air, others have window air conditioner units and gas space heaters. [Some in Florida have window units that double as heat and air] I have two houses, with both types of heat and air. I will suggest that energy comparison is also very important along with using the energy efficiently.

I can say that the central unit is more energy efficient than the gas space heaters and the warmth is distributed all over the house, the gas space heater does warm the house but there is always more heat in the one room in which the heater is placed, the living room for most homes.

Tips for the Winter:

Air leaks! The best way I have found air leaks has been using a candle, light a candle and sit it in front of a window/ door, if you see the flame move or dance, you have an air leak. These are easy to fix, Just add weather stripping around the seal of the window/ door, if its an older home tape plastic over the window and you will not have anymore air coming in. Both weather stripping and see through window plastic is available at walmart or any home improvement center.

Dressing warmly is the best thing anyone can do to save money on heating bills.

When dressed warmly you can lower the thermostat to 68°F and still be comfortable. At night you can pile up the blankets on the bed and lower the thermostat even more.

On sunny days [ or any day] open up the window curtains and/or blinds and let the light in. The natural heat from the sun will add warmth and that`s free.

Look under your sinks, if there are holes where the plumbing enters the house make sure you seal those holes with calk or “the stuff” insulating foam.Those little holes is what keeps our feet cold.

Electric water heaters should have a insulting blanket it keep the hot water hot longer. You can buy these where ever hot water heaters are sold.

Using ceiling fans help push the heat down from the ceiling in the Winter so flip that little black switch on the side of the fan and it`ll go in reverse [counterclockwise], just make sure the house is heated before you turn them on.

Look around outside your home, do you have a large opening to get under the house? If so make sure that the opening is closed, that will keep the cold air from blowing under the house, keeping the floors cold, plus it helps keep the cold off water pipes.

Remember to always no matter if its Winter or Summer to keep your air filters clean, that is a must just to keep you air/ heating system running smoothly.

By Andria Perry

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Written by Andria Perry

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