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Save Money This Winter On Heat

Its that time of the year again when we have to think about turning the heat on and what most of us hate to see, the rising cost of keeping warm. But there are a few things we can do that will help the blow of opening that bill and seeing the amount owed each month.

No matter how we heat out homes, electric or gas these tips will help keep you warmer.

1 – Insulation is the best way to keep the hot in and the cold out.  If you have an attic or basement make sure both or either are insulated.

The heat goes up! and we do not want it going into a space that is not used.

Make sure that crawl space holes, under the house, are covered with something, a board or piece of tin to keep the cold air out, cold circulation under the house will make the floors very cold and could cause pipes to freeze and burst.

2-  Stop air coming from windows.

Check all your windows and make sure that they still have all the putty in them, check around the entire window frame and make sure the calk is still in place. If its a no, then this is a simple job anyone can do. Buy a tube of calk for windows and doors, with a utility knife cit the top at a slanted angle so that as you apply it, its going where you want it with minimal lost.

If you live in an older home do not hesitate to put up plastic over the windows to keep the heat in!

3- Close those Plug In`s and dryer vents

Have you ever put a candle by a plug in? Do that and see is air flow is coming in, if so then buy a pack of safety plug in covers, that will stop that air.

Check the dryer vent pipe, does it have an opening? If so buy a can of the stuff, its a foam spray insulation, use it minimally because it tends to swell and that should stop that air.

– Use the heat in the ceiling

Push the heat in the ceiling back down with a ceiling fan, all heat rises so flip the setting to counter clockwise to push the heat back down, you will fell the difference.

5- Use free heat!

In the day open the blind and curtains. The natural heat from the sun will warm your house more than you imagine. Using the south side of your home as a natural heater by simply opening the curtains and blinds and allow nature to give back, free.

6 – Dress for Winter

I am sure that most people don`t have to be told to wear clothes to be warm, but there are a few items that some may not own and should.

If you stay at home invest in several pairs of sweat pants, these are extra thick and comfortable, stay warmer and invest in the tops also.

When you go outside and you love your jeans but still get cold fast, buy a few pairs of insulated underwear, or as we call them ” long Johns” these will help keep the cold off your skin and the heat in. The best part is they will fit under your pants and not look bulky.

Most people stopped wearing hats but I am one that will wear a hat, not so much inside but outside? its a yes. Nowadays we can look pretty with hats or beenies, they come in so many styles and colors. From casual to dressy but the hats and beenies will keep you warmer because you lose most of the body heat through the head.

7 – Sleeping

Most people know that when the temps are just right we tend to sleep better and that is usually when the air is cooler.

Sleep like a baby by turning down the nighttime heat and pile on the blankets and quilts. You can add to if you get cold or toss back when to hot but you will find that just right warmth and sleep well.

I am sure everyone has the common sense to :

Keep the doors closed

Have your heating device serviced

Close fireplace dampers when not in use

Wrap the electric water heater with an insulating blanket

Use glass screen doors if possible

I am sure these tips will help save you money on heating.

By Andria Perry



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Written by Andria Perry

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