Run Your Restaurant for Less, with Employee Scheduling Software

It’s a sad but well-known fact that most restaurants don’t survive after a year or two. Those which remain open need to eye their financing closely, because it’s hard to keep the kitchen open without closely monitoring the operations behind the scenes.

The latest employee scheduling software provides a few ways for restaurants to save money, which you can use to trim your expenses.

Keep Your Workers Busy Where They’re Needed

Employee scheduling software creates schedules that your staff will love in 80% less time than it would otherwise take. This means that your staff don’t need to sit in the backroom and waste time figuring out when they can work — they can spend their time at their job doing their job.

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When you are fighting to keep your restaurant’s budget in order every minute of improved efficiency is important, and new advances like 7shifts scheduling software delivers meaningful efficiency right away.

Advanced Weather Notifications

Employee scheduling software doesn’t just create schedules quickly, it makes smart schedules. The predictive scheduling technology in the software is informed by things like weather data, which helps managers allot the right number of staff to a shift. 

For example, foot traffic is reliably busier on hot days when the patio is likely to be in high demand, and quieter when there’s a big storm approaching. This weather data can also help reduce food costs by reducing food wastage. The same data that tells you to increase or diminish staffing for a shift can also help your kitchen to prep its food according to anticipated demand.

Advanced Log Books and Communications

Employee scheduling software has advanced manager log books that can be accessed remotely. Whenever a change is made to the log, the other managers are notified immediately on their phone.

This means that both managers and executives have constant access to all the micro and macro data that they need to make intelligent decisions about their restaurant — having this kind of knowledge is a prerequisite to smart management decisions, and employee scheduling software makes it easy. 

Labor Compliance

The automated scheduling features don’t only make schedules faster; they can help make it easy to comply with labor laws and save your restaurant from the needless expense of overtime pay.

During schedule creation, this software tells you when an employee is being slotted with shifts that are too close to each other, and prompts you when a worker has reached enough hours to merit being paid time and a half. Employee scheduling software helps prevent your staff from feeling burned out, by only slotting workers for overtime pay when they’re truly needed.

The restaurant industry has always been tough, and with new competition from food delivery apps and even food trucks which don’t have huge overhead expenses, it doesn’t appear to be easing up any time soon. Often the young are the first to adopt new technology, and employee scheduling software is found in many small- and medium-sized restaurants owned by millennials. But this software provides a great and much needed boost to any restaurant looking to make its budget more efficient.


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