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Rethinking My HubPages Strategy

I’ve decided I want to try to make more money at HubPages. I’ve been on there for seven years, and haven’t made diddly squat. I have sixty six articles, and I make pennies a day. Some people make hundreds, even thousands a month there. How do they do it? I’m not quite sure. But I know I need to get more traffic. Which means I need to learn how to do keyword research. I need to learn the topics and keywords that people are actually searching for, and then write about those topics. I really hate doing that kind of thing. But if I want to make money, I’m going to have to.

I normally just write about whatever I want, and it’s usually on obscure topics. Hopefully during keyword research I will be able to find keywords that interest me. That would be ideal. No one searches for “orthogenesis” for some reason.

I will still write about my favorite topics, but I will also write about topics that will pay out in the end. I have two accounts at HubPages (yes, that’s ok to do there). One is sitting idle right now. I will use that one to experiment with keywords. I just need enough money to get Wordtracker now. In the meantime, I will do a bit of research on how to get traffic, how to find the best keywords etc.


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