Quest for Africa

Wednesday, 4.29.20

This post explores Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, and China’s interesting in Africa. Although their main interest is depopulating and destroy the whole earth for world domination and control, Africa seems to be their main focus of destruction, depopulation, and invasion. 


Wednesday, April 29, 2020

This video is a warning to black people, especially in Africa. Stay away from vaccines. Fauci, Gates, and China want to depopulate Africa, probably for their land and what’s in their land.

Fauci’s “surprise outbreak” speaks for itself…a manmade nondeadly virus with flu-like symptoms, promoted as deadly in the N.W.O. One World Lockdown platform so to control the whole earth, preparing them for the One World agenda.

The two Africans want people to watch the below video, on Youtube, about Falsification of Covid-19.

#2 Africa and the world needs to hear this; Dr Vandana Shiva Calls War On Bill Gates

Dr. Vandana Shiva exposes Bill Gates on destroying and depopulating the earth, especially Africa. In Africa, the rivers are polluted and contaminated. Bill Gates is pushing AGRA, which is very dangerous because it will destroy the land with toxicity.

Bill Gates became a millionaire from stolen software. He probably stole ideas from Steve Jobs. Gates is similar to Mark Zuckerberg, who stole the Facebook idea from the twin athletes in Harvard. Gates is the biggest financier for bioengineering projects.

Satellites will be added, as well as Monsanto shit and manmade synthetic soil.

Humus is living soil with living organisms, which is healthy for soil. Carbon dioxide is fixed in the living plant through photosynthesis. Bill Gates will distort this information in order to destroy this earth, depopulating all life form, which includes, people, animals, and plants.

It is important to focus on community, earth and social community, to build this earth into a better place. It is also important to build a new education system to educate people on saving this earth. Finland gave up the old model to improve their educate system. Build urban gardens on rooftops and indoors, or inside a greenhouse.

Bill Gates wants to destroy decentralized energy. He wants to microchip people to control people and their reproduction.

How to deal with Bill Gates? Just tell him NO; refuse his Monsanto seeds, vaccines, microchips, and whatever he proposes.


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