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Pros and Cons of switching a Blog From Blogger to WordPress


There are many pros and cons of Switching a blog from Blogger to WordPress. I recently switched my blog from Blogger to WordPress. I know many Bloggers who use WordPress and I liked the look of their blogs. The people I know, who use WordPress, say it is a much better platform for blogging than Blogger. There are more features in WordPress than there are on Blogger.

It happened by chance that something went wrong with my main blog and I had to move the blog or change the name. Google reads my domain wrong. They suggested that I change the name of my blog. Changing the name did not work there was still problems. It was a sign it was time for a change. Thoughts of switching the blog to WordPress filled my mind. I combined two of my blogs and put them on WordPress.

Pros Switching a Blog From Blogger to WordPress


Keep in mind, I have the free option on WordPress. Some Pros of switching from Blogger to WordPress are they have more theme choices. On WordPress you can use sub-categories, which is one point of sale for me. On WordPress you can also upgrade your account and get better options for your blog. This is something I am hoping I will do in the future. WordPress has some wonderful plugins that are very helpful for bloggers. Especially, if you have the business plan, the plugins are amazing they offer Yoast with the business plan.

Cons of Switching a Blog From Blogger to WordPress


Some Cons of switching from Blogger to WordPress are on the free WordPress you may not have ads. Plus, Google Analytics doesn’t work on the free option, you have to upgrade for that. WordPress keeps track of the views and visitors to your site in their own system. WordPress is a little more complicated than Blogger. Once you learn it though you should be all right. Switching your blog is like starting over. On blogger, I had almost 200 visitors to my blog. When I witched I went way down to having only one or two. Keep in mind, I switch my blog in December. December is a slow month for blogging.

I am thrilled about switching my blog from Blogger to WordPress. Although, I do still have a blog on blogger. I may not have a business account with WordpPress now, but it is something I am hoping to be able to do in the future. I love the way my blog looks. I like that there are many options for WordPress that Bloggers have to use. The plugins are great at helping to improve your blog. Some plugins do not come with the free account. All in All, I am happy about changing my blog to WordpPress because of what I hope to do with my blog in the future. I would recommend WordPress if you have plans for using your blog for a business.

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