Propaganda Behind #Save the Children Political Media Campaign

Tuesday, 8.11.20

Zionist Corrupt Billionaires use propaganda by funding certain groups to help them further push their agenda on the brainwashed public.

“The progressive movement is engaged in a satanic child sex trafficking ring, torturing hordes of kids to harvest their blood. And everything else that’s happening in the world is being used as a deliberate distraction from that.”

  1. “…deliberate manipulation of key demographics, by strategically spreading disinformation. Completely fabricated narratives, systematically using data designed to exploit anything they can find.”
  2. “…unprecedented volume of Big, Deep Data now available, to understand exactly where the levers are. Then they can invent a grassroots campaign to push those levers. It doesn’t even have to be coherent – Chaos counts, and confusion works for their purpose.”
  3. “…carefully controlled network of accounts to amplify it, to the point where an established news platform will notice it, and from there it will then spread organically through the rest of the media ecosystem. It creates a controversy, which gets attention, and all of a sudden they have taken control of the conversation, without ever even being in it. It’s literally a super-weapon.”
  4. Then, they are likely to send some kind of military force to be violent against the people in the chaos, which is another form of martial law for the New World Order agenda.


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