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Wednesday, 9.8.21

At nine in the morning, I turned on my computer, still wearing my small green velvet pj from victoria’s secrets, but I switched my eyeglasses to my reading glasses, as I prepared for a 9:30 am webinar about Instagram for Business. The webinar was interesting because it gave me an overall knowledge to work on instagram and create creative videos on my instagram page. I now need to create interesting content. 

At the end, it was a sales pitch for the program, which I didn’t feel like spending money on. But at least I got the basic idea on how to work the instagram better and I now need to just practice doing better content. 

September fashions are all about “All things cozy.” The layered look involves leggings, boots, puffy jacket, cardigan, scarf, belt, and blouse, as well as maybe a cute hat, trendy purse, and sunglasses.


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