Private Jets are Taking Off in the Business World

Private jets are increasing in popularity, last year the use of private jets grew by 4% in Europe alone. This mode of transport suggests luxury escapes to hidden tropical islands, however, private jets are commonly used for business travel. It’s looking like this trend will only continue to grow. So why are private jets becoming such a popular option for businesses?

Cost Effective

You may not think of a private jet as a cheap alternative, but in the long-term, it can end up saving a company lots of money. Say for instance an office needs to fly some clients in. They want to give them the best treatment possible and fly them all in first class. Or a team need to fly out to be an abroad office and need to fly business class. All these individual tickets will quickly add up. Chartering a private flight could work out cheaper for the business.


Rather than be confined to the decor of a commercial airline, a private jet can be decorated to essentially run as an office in the air. There can be iPads, a fast and reliable Wi-Fi connection and even desks. People can get work done, no matter where they are. And, of course, it will certainly offer a much luxurious experience than a public airline. People can work effectively and comfortably. Chapman Freeborn offers a great service for business needs.

Good Timing

An important element to keep a business running smoothly is effective time management. When people have to fly for work they are at the mercy of schedules, delays and cancellations. By opting for a private jet, it allows a business to be much more in charge of flexible timings which work for everyone. It makes planning work travel tips so much easier and reduce stress levels. A private jet still has to follow the strict safety regulations which come with dangerous weather to fly, but as soon as it’s safe to go, they can get themselves in the air much quicker.

Personalised Taste

Private jets also mean a business can in charge of the catering for the flight. They can keep colleagues and clients dietary requirements in mind, and take extra care in considering allergies. It makes it much more of an experience than food supplied by commercial airlines.  It adds a personal touch to the flight, and make the people on the flight feel looked after, ready and willing to work.

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