Power – 10

Behind Closed Doors a decision is made and that’s it.   

Those who aren’t even in the lobby think they can somehow effect the decision.  These powerless fools have meetings, put forward ideas, become ‘committed’ to the  ‘project’.

Those Behind Closed Doors, those who actually have the power to make the decisions, who know why certain decisions were taken, ignore  this pack of pathetics.

Often one of these pathetics stands on the shoulders of his crew and gets some focus.  He or She has no power, no connection to power, knows absolutely nothing about the issue, except what was heard on T.V. 

Yet, this powerless pathetic  is running around, getting ‘supporters’  and giving the impression s/he has some link to those in Power.

Days, weeks, months pass, and the decision made Behind those Closed Door stands.  All the efforts of the Pathetic and his/her supporters, goes  unnoticed behind those Closed Doors.

If/when the media steps in and asks questions; those Behind Closed Doors pushes forward a spokesperson who can say whatever is necessary to distract. 

Sometimes this leads to a voting out of office, sometimes this leads to scandal and some politician losing his seat.  Rarely does the information come out as to why the decision was made.   


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Written by jaylar

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