Planning A Funeral

Most people do not like to think about funerals but its a part of life that we all must face at one time or another in life, its never pleasant and is very costly.

Most people take out life insurance policies and pay their entire life, monthly, for this one day. Average funeral cost being $10,000. But paying for the funeral itself is not all that is involved in being put to rest.

The grave. Most people do not know that you have to buy a plot of land to be buried in and the cheapest I have seen as of 2015 is $795  and the most being $2,800 . But that does not include opening and closing the grave, that is another $750 or more.

The funeral home does not take payment nor does the grave yard owner, they want cash up front.

Now that you know the cost you can move onto the actual funeral.

Nowadays to help with the overwhelming feelings of high costs and just losing someone you loved dearly, the funeral homes have made package deals.

Usually the package consists of embalming of the body, the casket and vault, one night viewing and the grave side set up and service. If you do not belong to a church they may also offer a chapel for the service for an extra fee. Some packages also include the flowers that lay upon the casket.

What you are still responsible for is :

Clothing – whether it be a suit for a man or a dress for a woman. Any under garments and shoes.

Jewelry – but you may ask for it back before the closing of the casket.

Hair stylist – The funeral homes no longer provide this service but they do know people to whom you may hire.

Preacher – you must pay the person you chose to give the service.

Music / singer – you must bring the music you would like played or hire someone to sing at the funeral.

I think I have just about explained everything there is about planning a funeral for a loved one. If I missed something please add this in the comment section.

By Andria Perry

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Written by Andria Perry

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