Thursday, September 10, 2020

This video explains the Cornyflu Plandemic, which was orchestrated as mass mind control on the whole earth in order to push the New World Order agenda and enslave the whole earth under One World Satanic Zionist Government in Israel. It was orchestrated and engineered in a lab by a criminal group of men, but covered up as a deadly viral façade to make the flu more than just a flu. They want people to beg the government to save them by administering the vaccine and microchip for a better ‘New World.’

It is obvious by the first quote he mentioned, which was written probably before March 2019, that this was all preplanned and premeditated. The premeditation in 2009 to weaponize this cornyflu and create their own genocide worldwide is obviously a part of the depopulation agenda.

Many countries have already implementing the New World Order agenda to further enslave their people. Australia is suffering right now. If they succeed with Australia, then New Zealand, Canada, UK, and USA are next.


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