Pinball Arcades- Grab the Opportunity to Be the Best Arcade Player

Among hundreds of different types of arcade games, pinball is one of the most popular games in the world. In this game, points are scored by using steel balls on a playfield. The game is played inside a glass-covered arcade game cabinet which is also known as pinball table.

Pinball Arcades

Pinball tables have goals and various targets that will get you bonus points if achieved perfectly and help you score high on the main playfield. In addition, there are some that have stories to tell, and one requires a skill set to solve it all. The main objective of pinball is to move the pins to a particular destination while completing all the other assigned objectives. If you fail to pass a certain number of balls to the designated position, it goes down through the drain and you will lose the game.


It is a gaming platform that came into presence in the 1970’s and is still popular all over the world. These gaming stations are coin operated and serve only the purpose of entertainment. These include several types of coin-operated games that may be video games or even other forms of games. These, however, are on the decline with the development of high-end domestic gaming consoles like the Xbox and the play station.

History of Pinball:

The history of pinball arcades dates back a long time and it was used to be an outdoor game which has now been developed for indoor purposes. With the development of the spring in France, tables were developed in a specialized fashion in order to allow games such as pinball. In the year 1869, spring-based pinball games had already been developed although not as advanced as today’s machines.

During the year 1931, coin-based came into existence. This led to the revenue generated from this form of gaming. Some years later the high-end arcade stations took place which provided an opportunity to individuals to play their desired pinball games and compete with their local peers.


In the following points, you can get a hold of the advancements that have helped this game to grow. The developments are listed in order.

  • Electrification of pinball arcade: This development took place first in the United States of America. With fancy lights fitted in this pinball machine looked better than ever before. This quickly became the norm and was adopted by most of the firms.
  • Introduction of flippers: In the year 1947, player-controlled flippers were added to the machine. This was a judging parameter of the player skills as it provided better control to the user and therefore allowed them to better showcase their skills. Improvements in inward flippers were also noticed.
  • Use of electronics and digital displays: Later in the 70’s this game experienced a sudden surge. There were mammoth developments in arcade gaming. Solid state drives and high-end electronic equipment were being used along with digital displays. These encouraged the players as they could monitor their scores continuously.
  • In the 90’s: With high-end music and flashy lights, we witnessed the peak of Pinball arcades. These were considered to be one of the most addictive games of all time.
  • Present: With the digital age, after 2000, it was transformed entirely into digital format. This has made the manufacturing of the machines simpler. Additional features were also easy to implement.

Pinball Arcades

Pinball arcades have reached great heights in today’s time. Now they are used for purposes other than gaming itself, such as gambling. Therefore, go ahead and play Pinball in the nearest arcade.


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