People Moving Out of Big Cities

Sunday, 2.24.19

This video is interesting because I have taken a lot of Economics classes in college, and I was interesting in getting into Financial Analysis, but unfortunately for me I don’t have any connections.

According to this video, many people are moving out of New York and California as well as Chicago. Many people are getting out of big, overpopulated cities, such as San Francisco and Los Angeles. Such big cities are very expensive, and many people tend to be moving to smaller towns and suburbs. Smaller towns in Florida, Texas, and California seem to be popular areas to live nowadays.

Gymboree and Charlotte Russe have filed bankruptcy this month. Charlotte Russe has closed 94 stores. Last year, the Charlotte Russe at Spectrum Center closed, but the manager said that they were just moving elsewhere. So, I am not sure if the one in Irvine closed down. But this video states it is filing Chapter 11. This video claims that Amazon is the reason for many stores closing down. I rarely shop on the internet, just once in a while, when I am desperate for something I cannot find in local stores. Gymboree files Chapter 11, and closes 794 stores. Shopko closes over 250 stores. Payless is going through its second bankruptcy, and closing more stores.

Yeah, I have noticed many stores at local malls that are closing down. Some lasted for only six months, while others made it to one year or two. It is sad. Nothing is lasting. All of the sudden, we will start noticing the whole mall closing down.


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