How Some People Get Away With Cheating – 2

Many people get paid for eight hours of work when they do less than four. Most of these people ‘cheat’ because they work for a Boss From Hell, and what they are doing is more to preserve their identity.

One of the things that happens to you, if you ever work for a Boss From Hell, is that your soul becomes eroded. You feel bad about yourself, you feel stressed, you are churning with anger and hatred. The only way to release this without blowing up the office and/or your boss’s head off, is to ‘cheat’.

That is, to get the eight hour pay for the four hour day.

The first action is often the ‘setting up’  and the ‘closing down’.  One takes thirty minutes to set up and thirty minutes to close down, stealing an hour from the day’s work.  By looking busy and acting as if you are doing something, one gets away with this.

The second action is to steal time; walking around, going to the bathroom, and again acting as if you are doing something, when you are doing nothing business related. This easily steals another hour in manageable bytes.

Then there’s the lunch hour with a few minutes tacked on on either end.

Now comes the real cheating, that is sitting at your desk ‘working’ when you are playing games or writing articles for online sites, while an unfinished document acts as a ‘cover’.

This gets you another hour.

Now very often a Boss From Hell has to yell at you, or at least insult, for a portion of time every day.  By acting pitiful you will often draw his tongue. Instead of meeting his eyes, instead of walking out, one looks pitiful which will have him relish the moments of his attack.

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Meanwhile, you are counting the minutes. The longer he can go, the less work you do.

On occasion you may have to provoke a confrontation by deliberately getting something wrong. On occasion you can be sent out on a task and take forever to complete it.

Until you find another job, your survival is based on this kind of cheating.


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