One World Lockdown NYC 4.25.20 Insights

Thursday, April 30, 2020

As One World Lockdown continues, I decided to check out another video of the Lockdown in NYC. This man fastforward his bicycle tour through NYC to get a closer look at the Lockdown situation. It is also interesting to check out what NYC looks like now because I haven’t been there since August 1980.

The bike path around Central Park looks like the new UCI bike path.

He stops at a Naval Comfort Hospital. It appears to be warm on Saturday, April 25th because of the sunny skies as well as the bright light green greenery in the scenes. Some people are wearing their masks, but people appear to be going on with their life. Lots of people are walking their dog and taking their kids to the park. It is similar to my area in California. An ambulance goes by with a FEMA sticker. But the ambulance is moving slow and without any sirens blasting. It seems peaceful.

He states that the boat will get hit with missiles or whatever, and then they will blame Iran for it so they can legitimize a need to start WW3 with Iran. This ship is a Naval Army Boat. Coronavirus is a political bullshit strategy to continue invading countries. It is all Fake News false flag for political promotions, like everything else in the past. Trump Administration is doing this fake news.

He stops at a place stocking food and grocery supplies inside carriers. Are they filling grocery orders to deliver carriers somewhere? I am not sure what is going on here; a man enters with empty carriers to fill up. It appears there are a lot of grocery orders to fill at Foodkick. I googled Foodkick because I haven’t heard of it; it is a Same-Day Online Grocery Delivery, delivering fresh food and cold alcohol drinks. That seems to be the trend they are pushing nowadays, where people will start buying their food and groceries via online, whether via Amazon or other food box companies. I think such online grocery companies are a good idea for old people and handicapped, but I would rather go to the store and personally buy my groceries and things.

Back to the Naval Comfort ship and then a black van nearby, There is a SeniorCare ambulance moving by fast in traffic.

Fire engine by a horse and buggy garage. He got instruction and direction about something going on at 7pm. The streets of NYC look clean and mostly empty because of this political bullshit Lockdown, mostly created to terrorize the morons in society. People are applauding and hollering at the fire engine sirens parade event. A man, probably on staff, stated it is quiet inside this hospital today. Another SeniorCare ambulance, on the way. Lots of cyclists and rollerbladders moving in and out of the bike path, enjoying the empty streets. He fastforwarded his bike trip back to Central Park.


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