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Obey ~ 365 Photos Challenge #184

Less than two years ago an acquaintance got a “quota”, a position as a board of directors. On many occasions he often motivates “Let’s be creative guys… explore ideas and make changes! Use your idea, get out of the box and do differently”. On many other occasions, also while fighting for business or other pressures, he often shouts, “I pay you to obey! Do what I tell you… obey what I outlined…! You do not have to do anything else outside of that.”

Last week he retired from the post… and it seems that soon the company he once led will also retire in the contemporary business environment…

If you want to join, here is all about 365 Photos Challenge and I am on Day 181.


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  1. Business is an interesting reality, first that it at times seeks its own independent path, but also that the value of leadership is forgotten.

    Sometimes we push people around us too hard. Sometimes we don’t push hard enough.

    Nice post Albert!

  2. Well said about the difference between a position of a leader and true leadership. Hopefully, the company will manage to overcome the problems. Even though your friend already retired, it’s probably hard to see that the fruit of his efforts is going down, and of course all the people who may lose their job.


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