NYC Dying VIA Economic Collapse

Saturday, 8.22.20

NYC is already experiencing its economic collapse because it isn’t likely to improve, although New Yorkers are known for being bery resilient during hard times. It is all about the New World Order agenda for economic collapse all over the world, and it has nothing to do with this Cornyflu Plandemic. 

That is why my cousin had moved back to California with her teenage son, a couple of years ago. She was living there for a while because her teen son was born in NYC. I think his father might still be there. 

Even the videos stated that this economic collapse will eventually happen to all big cities, in which I am aware of from watching videos in early 2000 that predicted the NWO agenda and big cities are the worst place to live because many crazy things will happen in these cities. It appears these videos were true. 

LA, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and etc might be next…

#1 THE END? New Yorker explains why ‘New York City is dead forever,’ ‘not bouncing back’

Saturday, August 22, 2020

This video is sad because it describes that New York City is dying. Everything is going downhill, which includes businesses and social life. It is already experiencing its economic collapse for the New World Order agenda. Many people have moved out.

Sad. I am afraid the other cities, like LA and Chicago are going to be next in this economic collapse.


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