NWO Goals

Saturday, September 12, 2020

This video is interesting because it exposes the Zionist satanic agenda to destroy the earth for the New World Order and One World Government. Their goal is world control under this One World Government in Israel, where the whole earth will be enslaved in the preplanned “New World.”

I agree that 9/11 was a mass murder satanic ritual by the Zionists in order to legitimize a need to go to war with another country. I agree that that the Zionists had assassinated JFK because he didn’t want to do whatever they wanted him to do, and they got rid of him. (Remember, the Zionists control the presidents, including Trump, and if they don’t do certain things, they will be killed somehow. There have been many attempted assassinations on Trump, so far).

I also agree that the Covid -19 plandemic was created and preplanned Zionist to control the whole earth as slaves.


What do you think?

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