Noticing Changes Every Day

Thursday, 10.8.20

I drove to Mother’s Market because Gumby was out of cat litter and I was running out of vitamins. I didn’t really buy anything. Actually, the cat litter was out of stock. So, all I bought was vitamins, takeout dinner from a mini deli, and some cat food. I noticed that the total amount was high. Even the cashier was shocked about the amount because I barely bought anything. We both agreed it is the vitamins. Then, I drove to Albertsons to buy the cat litter. Albertsons now carries World’s Best Litter. 

While in Mother’s Market, I notice the grocery store has been shrinking. The food counter deli is gone. The items are limited. The fresh OJ Juicer is gone. 

I remember someone on a walking meetup mentioned that Mother’s Market has filed bankruptcy. I think they are struggling to stay open and trying to minimize items to stay in business or improve business. 

Every day, many stores are closing or struggling to stay in business. It is sad. I think this economic collapse is intentional to force people to shop online, even for food. 


What do you think?

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