Not This Time – 9

Evan messed up at work.  It was standard, for he was drunk much of the time.  With his wife as a Senior Staff member he was emboldened to toss the blame on a ‘no body’.

When Nina was confronted with the error, she denied it.  The jury was stacked against her.  After all this was her second mess and no less than the ex-husband of the boss called her name.

When Nina tried to defend herself, she was cut off and suspended for a week.  She came out of the room, tears rolling down her face.  She realised she had been used by Evan.

She saw Maura going to the stairs and ran to her and tried to tell her that Evan had been drinking on the job.

“Go now for a week, or just go…”  Maura snapped.

Nina Sanders left the building trying to keep it together.

Maura was so angry for about five minutes. Then, she wondered…..


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Written by jaylar

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