Not This Time – 8

As expected, Evan messed up at work, and  again asked Nina to take the burden.   This time she refused because it would go on her record and she might be suspended.

Evan was so angry he could strangle her, however, he had another card to play.

He walked away from Nina thinking to tell Maura  that Nina had a crush on him and he had  tried to dissuade  her; and hell hath no fury….

As the mess up was late in the working day, and as he had a date with his ex-wife, he left the office and met Maura.  They  went out to dinner.

They had a pleasant interlude and shared a kiss.  Evan said something about how he missed her, adding that a number of his coworkers seem to think linking with him gave them a road to her.   But he laughed about it,  as if it were a joke..

The next day at work when the mess was exposed  Evan was called.   He denied all connection and by the way, mentioned that Nina Sanders had some link to it.


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Written by jaylar

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