Not This Time – 14 – (End)

As they emerged from the Store Room Evan begged, spluttered, but Maura was stone.  Resign and walk away or be fired.  

With Jim standing there Evan didn’t have an easy path.  Maybe if he could get his ex-wife alone; explain…?

 On top of being frog marched by Jim and his see Nina glaring, obviously part of the ‘trap’ that had been set, was a lot more humiliation then he expected.

“Maura…”  Evan whined.

“No, I’m not Maura, I’m your boss.” She answered in a clear sharp voice, “I’m your boss, Jim is your direct supervisor.  You were caught drinking at work.  And this isn’t the first time…”  She made a dramatic pause, and as Evan tried to explain…. Maura added ” Before you whine and lie; there’s a camera in the store room.”

Evan wanted to talk to Maura, he was sure he could explain, but she had turned him over to Jim who was marching him to Human Resources.

Evan called to Maura but she was talking to Nina, and turned her back.

So much for nepotism.



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Written by jaylar

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