Not This Time – 13

The next morning Maura arrived early and summoned  an employee, Jim Finch,  from the meeting.  He  had been angry when Miss Sanders was suspended.  

Maura explained his new ‘job’  and he was more than willing to hide in the Store room behind a set of shelves. From that point he would have excellent observation and anyone entering who didn’t expect to find another  would certainly not  see him.

Maura took up position in a room across the hall   Evan would have to pass.  

The morning meeting took about fifteen minutes so there wasn’t long to wait. As Evan passed the room,  Maura buzzed Jim’s phone which vibrated.  

She stayed in the room slowly counted to ten, then emerged, and walked softly to the store room, standing right by the door.

When her phone vibrated she pushed open the door,  and Jim sprang from his post.

There was no where for Evan to hide.

Caught with the flask, Jim before him, Maura behind,  Evan was frozen.  It was easy for Jim to take the flask from his hand.  One sniff proved it was not water nor tea.


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Written by jaylar

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