Not This Time – 12

Maura Garby phoned Nina Saunders and apologised for the error.  She arranged a meeting at a private venue.   Nina was afraid, didn’t understand.

“It will make complete sense after this evening.”  Maura Garby explained.

As their had been an apology, and a mention of reinstatement, Nina met Ms Garby as planned.

Maura again apologised to her, and showed the tape of Evan drinking in the store room.

“I want to catch him…”  Maura said, “for he’ll claim he was drinking tea…”

“He always goes in for his first drink just after the morning meeting…”

“Good…” Maura said, and “By the way, you’re reinstated with a small raise…you want to start  tomorrow or…”

“Tomorrow…” Nina smiled.


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Written by jaylar

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