Not This Time – 11

So poor Miss Saunders was sent home for speaking the truth, and her horrible lying drunkard of an Ex husband floated by.

Maura would see about that.

The first thing she did was have  a ‘nanny cam’  put into the room that she often saw Evan enter   It was a supply closet.   The nanny cam was placed after Evan and most of the staff had gone for the day.

Maura would activate it when Evan entered in the morning.  That day’s footage would be saved. At the end of the day Maura reviewed it at rapid speed, stopping when she saw Evan enter.

He went in, took a flask out of his bag, took a swallow, then another, then put the flask back in the bag and left the room. 

So it was true.

Evan was drinking on the job and poor Miss Sanders suffered for it.


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Written by jaylar

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