Not This Time – 10

Maura had left Evan for many reasons, one of them was his drinking.   For a young co-worker to claim Evan had been drinking was not to be dismissed.  

Maura, using her maiden name, pretending to be a member of the Human Relations as this firm, phoned Evan’s last job using her maiden name.

“Hi, I’m Maura Morris. We have an Evan Garby here.  Can you tell me why you no longer employ him?”

The H.R. manager did not like Evan Garby.  She might have been the only person who didn’t like him. She had wanted to fire him.  However, it was decided to allow him to resign.   This is what she told Ms Morris.

“Has there been a problem?”  asked the Manager.

Maura considered for about six seconds, then very slowly, pausing ;  “An employee claimed she saw him…”

“Drinking…”  the H.R. manager filled in.

Maura almost fell off her chair.   What she had imagined was true.


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Written by jaylar

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